Welcome to HASTEN’s web page! Spreading Health and Hope to Third World Nations

HASTEN International is a mission ot the Churches of Christ - Christian Churches that brings physical and spiritual healing to third world nations.

Currently we are involved in projects in Zimbabwe, India, closer to home in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

Projects include medical clinics serving underdeveloped areas, schools where they are not available and Christian churches.

Dr. Dennis and Lucy Pruett, began their Christian medical mission in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in 1958.

From these humble beginnings, they built hospitals, clinics, churches and Christian schools. Dr. Pruett, an ordained Minister from Kentucky Christian College, was a founder of the Central African Mission, FAME, HASTEN, and Church builder in the US and Caribbean.

In addition to being a medical doctor, he was a husband, Father of four, World War II navy hero (holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart), a pilot, and author of seven books.