The Dominican Republic

Ladies at health facilityLadies at a Hasten medical facility
For over 25 years Hasten has worked intensely with Dr. Pena Dume in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Dume is a certified ophthalmologist who is also a wonderful church builder, preacher, and father. His pediatrician daughter, Joanel, and sons who are both in medicine have a new Hasten-funded clinic. It should be noted that this structure took over 10 years to find and purchase.

Here they take care of the underprivileged, those who are poor, and on Sundays the clinic is converted into a Christian church with a sanctuary, Sunday school rooms, and preaching.

Dr. Dume and his wife Doloris host visiting missionaries, manage several Christian outreach programs such as clinics and Christian camps. He is the leader of the Minister’s Association for the whole country. He travels extensively for the churches and camps, as well as working out solutions to problems as they arise.

We are truly blessed by this wonderful family. The next time you plan to go the Dominican Republic, give him a call…you will too be blessed.