Dr. Daniel Alophe is the medidcal director of the Living Waters Christian Center in Gonaives. He sees dozens of patient daily, witnessing to each of them. Dr. Dan has weekly services with many new baptisms into Christ. The churches average over 800 people for worship each week. The clinic opened December 2012 fulltime.

To quote Salonique, the administrator of the mission, “Dr. Dan is always on call...he always does this with much care, and does it all with a minister’s heart...best of all, Dr. Dan is a Christian leader. He teaches Sunday School, and leads the singing. He works with over 50 teenagers every week. He has not only taught them about the Bible, but also about life.”

“The clinic is a real blessing to the community but it still struggles to keep up with the demand. Visiting medical teams are still needed to provide additional or specialized care. Donation of medical supplies are always appreciated, as well as financial gifts. Eeryone can help in some way to support the clinic and its goal of providing Christian compassion through medicine.” (Dr. Dan)