A message from Drs. David and Sunisha Henry

Indian children at school

People in India know many gods and goddess, but not about the true and living God who has risen. It is our duty to tell them. We are thankful to you for joining hands for this great task.

The number of patients increases every day. To meet this need the hospital building has been enlarged. In January and February we performed 132 cataract surgical implants. This opens the door to witness our faith in Christ.

We have 100 children in our Child Care (in Hindi “Balwadi”). In our schools we teach over 200 children. The children learn songs, Bible stories, alphabets and numbers in both English and Hindi. And in our Rural Girls Home ( many from poor and broken families) we care for 50 girls. There are other girls waiting to enter this home.

In our vocational training schools over 70 young women are learning computer skills and sewing and stitching. The young men are learning fish and goat and poultry farming. Other vocational training skills are in the process of being developed.

A cow enjoys a quick meal

Through the medical work, schools, vocational training and benevolent homes many lives are being touched and healed by the love of Christ. We have four rural churches and people are coming to learn about the word of God.

We baptize many believers.