Odzi Church of Christ

HASTEN is proud to announce the completion of it’s latest project in Zimbabwe. Aside from numerous Christian clinics around to globe, we decided to build a church building for Augustine Makuku.

Mr. Augustine has been the chaplain at Mashoko Christian Hospital for nearly 30 years. Located deep in the Mashonaland district of southeastern Zimbabwe, in the little township of Odzi, the local Church purchased 3 acres of prime land. His dream of retiring to a new church near his home village prompted HASTEN to act.

What we need for the new Church:

  • 10 steel pews
  • $400 per month for the preacher’s salary

With prayer and your generosity, both will happen. Please consider us in your plans.


The Dama Christian Church and Clinic, run by HASTEN, serves 50,000 people in this desolate region of Zimbabwe.

We are very excited to be part of this growing essential work.

Many have come to Christ over the last year as the direct result of your support and prayer.