While Drs. David, Sunisha, and Daniel Henry assist individuals in Ganyari, Dr Dennis Henry has been assigned COVID duty at Rajarajeshwari medical hospital in Banglore.  For 15 days he works 6 hours each day as the ward in charge for about 60 COVID patients “many who are not doing well.”   “I pray and trust in God that he will bless my hands so I can reach to them in the tough situation.”

“Here it gets hard to work with wearing PPE for 6 hours with less oxygen and a lot of sweating.  I feel like its an endurance workout.”

Please pray for the people of India and the work of the Henry family during this tragic time in India.  May they receive the supplies they need, the energy and stamina for giving care, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit in all that the do.  Dear Father, protect and bless them.  In Jesus name, Amen