Greetings in the name of the Lord!

I am sure you have heard the term SUPERHERO. You may have even had a favorite superhero growing up.

As an adult our superheroes change. Our heroes now are in the military or in law enforcement or serve in the medical field.

I would like to introduce to you a few superheroes that the masses might never know. They are superheroes to many hundreds of people daily from several different countries from all around the world. They provide medical services which include medications, procedures, physicals, and other services as needed such as dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and general practitioners. Their services are at low cost and in some cases no cost. These certified medical heroes also serve as trained ministers. They care for many as Pastors teachers, prayer partners and church builders right where they are treating folks.

This picture is of this great body of believers who attend one of the eight churches started by Dr.’s David and Sunisha Henry. Most of them have also had medical treatments from The Henrys. The Henrys are shown standing in the middle of the picture. Even as India has been dramatically impacted by the latest COVID variant, progress continues on the new rural clinic. This new facility will facilitate ongoing medical services to some in these eight rural communities along with planting additional rural churches.

Dr. David modestly states “…these things [the above] are a source of joy and positivity in our lives. It is by God’s grace that work has continued on this badly needed facility during this most difficult time”.

In Haiti

Dr. Dan Adolphe, his family and staff are continuing to treat folks and minister to them even amid hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, and civil unrest following the assassination of Haiti’s president Jovenel Moise. Despite this, Dr. Dan continues to operate his clinics in towns like Desdunes. Dr. Dan shares with each of his patients “My priority today is your physical health but my priority everyday…how is your relationship with JESUS?”

I think you will agree that these men and women ARE SUPERHEROES.

The reality is these superheroes are human. They need our help. With all that is going on, I want you to know we so appreciate you as friend of HASTEN.

God is challenging all of us to trust Him in new ways! Many folks and even churches are feeling the impact of Covid.  Families are adjusting to changing schedules due to work and or school but with all that is going on, look at what you are helping us do around the world as a friend of HASTEN. Many families in several countries are receiving lifesaving medical treatments as well as spiritual guidance from these Certified Doctors and trained ministers.

We are asking you to financially support HASTEN International as they continue to support these superheroes.

Although your continued support has allowed our medical missionaries to maintain their operations, please know that the needs continue to grow during these most difficult times. Please be sure to contact me at the phone number below for any prayer needs or questions about HASTEN. Please be sure to contact me at the phone number below for any prayer needs or questions about HASTEN.  Updates on the ministry in Zimbabwe, the Dominican and Mexico will be in the upcoming newsletters.



Barry McGee