Drs. David and Sunisha Henry provide thousands of patients annually with care, provide extensive services for children, and vocational training for young women. Because of India’s COVID-19, all non-essential businesses (much more than in the US) are closed. Individuals can only get food during specific morning hours. Their clinic is closed, and only government-run hospitals are open. They have shifted their work to providing essential life needs (food and supplies) to those they work with.

Fortunately, both Daniel and Dennis are at home. The family feels safe within their home and clinic compound.

The mission’s schools in Ganyari are closed, and the children that were provided total care in the hostels have been sent to their rural villages. This included the vocational education classes for both men and women.
The vocational school’s micro economic program for women was set up to help women “earn their daily bread” for their families. It has been common for men to leave the rural areas for work in the cities with the intention to send money home, but they instead start new families in the city and abandon their rural families. Now men, having lost their jobs with circumstances of COVID-19, are migrating home from cities with no money for food or rent… a textbook way that the virus spreads.

David and Sunisha are currently working with the pastors of the 8 rural churches within their mission, trying to get funds for essential food and supplies, a desperate situation for hungry and growing families.

Please pray for this family, these villages, and this work. HASTEN is so, so very blessed to be partnered with this family, frontline heroes of the Faith.

Giving Food to Travelers