I am continually inspired by the Henry family in India…three MDs, one in training and now a dentist as well. Their eldest son Daniel married Tashika, a fine Christian lady and a dentist by profession. The parents, David and Sunisha, are thankful that the second generation is working with them to grow the medical mission work. Dennis is doing his MD in Dermatology from Bangalore. He will be finishing in the year 2024. They send their greetings and this update:

Recently we started a new project in which we distributed 30 baby chickens to one person in 20 needy families. We planned in the near future that when they will grow the chickens successfully, we will provide them with a pair of Goats (when they successfully raise chickens). After that we will help them to build a pond for fish farming and, later on, help them to open a shop of daily need items. This project is a good example of the parable of talents.


Our integrated training program is running well. Here we are teaching village people that how they can earn more from

a small piece of land by doing Agriculture, Horticulture, Pisciculture, Poultry and Goat farming.

These small activities are helping us to form small groups for self-help, teaching and preaching. Please remember us in your daily prayers.

We are trying to make a balance between social and religious activities, sometimes social activities become so prevalent that we forget our main goals. So, it should be very clear in our minds that what we are doing and why we are doing?

Our hostel is running well. At present 80 students are there in the hostel. Their exams are over and they have their summer vacations now.

We are treating around 100 to 120 Skin & Eye patients per day. We have established two rural clinics and we are providing medical services in rural areas twice in a week.

They send greetings and appreciation for you concern, prayers, and support.