We have reports from both India and Zimbabwe during the Covid-19 crisis. Both countries have restrictions similar to the US, and the missions continue in different ways. You can read more detail on the website. In India, while the clinic is closed because it is primarily for elective procedures (just like clinics in the US), the Henrys are supporting the local churches with food and needed supplies. The rural areas are being affected by migrations from cities and potential spread of the disease.

Darel and Mary Pruett are in Zimbabwe for a planned four-month stay. They delivered Bibles in the Shona language right before the lockdown and are living among the people in the Dama clinic area. They continue to plan for the July revival, which annually brings hope and education to many, and yet they know plans may change.

There is a continued need for funding for food and medical supplies in both areas. More importantly, please pray for the safety of these dedicated people and those they are serving in this situation when the lack of immunity to the novel coronavirus continues to threaten life worldwide.