Dear brothers in Christ,

It’s always a pleasure to thank HASTEN for the good you do in Haiti and in the world. A few years ago, like some of my partners, I would love to leave Haiti to go to United States so that my family and I could have a better life. When I think about your organization, I said to myself, “They are not Haitian and they bring their contributions to change Haiti. I said that I have to bring my contribution in order to result some problems like HASTEN members do.”

Now do you know what happens? When I ‘m not at the clinic some of our patients decide to go back home. They don’t want to be seen by another physician. The reality of my country is probably different than yours but that happens often in Haiti. It’s not really because I’m the Best.

Reality is that some of my patients don’t really have medical problems, but devil problems and need prayer so that they can be free and cured in God’s name.  In that case an EKG, blood tests, and imageries aren’t important because it’s a spiritual diagnosis that only God can communication through his son. This is why it is always important to invite Him before the problem. God uses you (HASTEN) so that I can stay in Haiti to work for Him helping people with their physical and spiritual health. Thank you for answering His voice.

As you probably know, we just add another service (odontology) in order to help more people with their teeth. Dr Beatrice studied in the Dominican Republic, and she decided to return home to work here. We already have a lot of problems because life becomes more and more difficult in Haiti. Dental service is very expensive, like you already know. People can’t pay for the service. I don’t know how HASTEN can continue to help us so that Dr Beatrice can work here.

Dr. Shandline jean Baptiste worked at the clinic. To have a better life she decided to leave Haiti and now is in the United States. We have another physician whose name is Dr Vital. I don’t know how long he can stay, because people do not want to stay in Haiti when they have a US visa.

Please continue to pray for us. As I write, I’m not in good health with fever, runny nose and a headache. I’ m very tired and have not taken a vacation since 2018. I’m praying for you all, like you pray for me, my family, my staff, and my country. I’m proud of HASTEN. Be blessed!

Dr Dan!