The good news is that the ophthalmology and general medicine services of the clinic are increasing in 2021. In these first six months, 695 people have been treated for eye diseases and conditions. The most common medical treatments are for people with hypertension, diabetes, and gastritis. Dr. Luis Comas works with us in the clinic but remains busy in the very congested public hospital.

Face-to-face worship services have been held for about 20 people. The government limits attendance to 30% of adults, youth, and adolescents. Children are not allowed. Brother Desiderio Montero has helped with preaching. Study groups continue to be suspended. Two newborns have been presented to the body of believers, a sure sign that life goes on.

COVID continues to be a threat in the DR, mainly where we are in the Santo Domingo area.The curfew continues Mon-Fri from the afternoon until 5 a.m. We need your prayers, funding for food and construction, and an automatic lensometer.

In the past 3 months, our church body has had 7 deaths of fathers, mothers, uncles, and nephews. On June 1, Brother Jairo Montero, who had a kidney transplant in 2008 that HASTEN helped support, died of COVID. He is buried alongside his father, a church elder, on the property we bought in 2003. This has been a painful loss.

After 14 months of not examining patients, I am vaccinated and back in the clinic with the approval of my oncologist. Until COVID eases, my wife Doris is having again to wait for abdominal surgery. My children have been a great helpint the clinic.

I send a special greeting to the church in Sunbury, Ohio, whose financial support and prayers are constant encouragement to us. We recently enjoyed a visit from Brothers Joe Putting and Greg Holmgren, followed by Greg’s grandson Kyle and his wife Diana, from the Tomoka Christian Church in Daytona, FL.

Infinite thanks to all of you. May the Lord continue to bless you, Jesús Peña-Dume, MD