Sep 26, 2022

“The United Nations is ordering the evacuation of all non-essential international workers from Haiti, citing ongoing violence that has left workers vulnerable to kidnapping and attacks last week on U.N.-backed food warehouses across the country.” From The Miami Herald, Sept 26, 2022

The violence prompted Dr. Daniel Adolphe, our resident missionary and physician in Haiti, to write to us: “I cannot go to work today because people protest against the prime Minister to resign. There is no way to go to work. Have a nice day my friends. Greetings to all.”

He also shared that when his clinic is open, patient count is down because the people remain in their homes due to the violence…

Dr. Daniel Adolphe

Pray for Dr. Dan, his family (wife and three young daughters 8, 4, and 1), and his clinic staff. The commitment to ministry, medical care, and to his home country of Haiti is remarkable. HASTEN is so blessed to be associated with such an incredible medical missionary.